Current Employment

I am employed as The Property Manager of Davis County.  I have responsibilities over real estate owned by the Davis County Government. This includes the purchasing and selling of property, easements and rights of way.  As a Planning Specialist for The Davis County Planning Department I specialize in cartography and map design, land use planning, building permits and business licenses for Davis County.

When my employment began with Davis County, I worked for two years in the plat department of the Recorders Office as a drafter and cadastral mapper.  I have experience in many other duties and responsibilities of the Recorders Office.

  • Document legal description, verification of legal description, and locating deeds.
  • Abstracting and compiling documents for chain of title.
  • Address affidavits and corrections.
  • Help assist public with record searches and legal descriptions.
  • Attend to public at front counter

As the Property Manager for Davis County I interact with the Recorders Office often.